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Fuji Nevada 2.1
Fuji's Nevada 2.1 is a great all-around mountain bike with a smooth ride on or off the trail. The comfortable steel frame has an upright position that will keep you riding for hours. Add to that the bump-busting suspension fork and quick-rolling wheels, and you can roll through town or down the trail with confidence. Plus, the reliable 21-speed drivetrain lets you tackle any hill, while the powerful linear-pull brakes keep you in control on the way back down.
Fuji Nevada 29 2.1
$349.99 $399.99 13% Off
Fuji's Nevada 29 2.1 is a great all-around mountain bike, perfect for exploring the local trails or cruising through town. The steel frame offers a smooth, comfortable ride, while the Suntour suspension fork soaks up the bumps. When you add lightweight 29-inch wheels to that ride, you get a bike that easily rolls over any obstacle. Plus, you'll love the reliable 21-speed drivetrain that will keep you pedaling all day, and the powerful linear-pull brakes, ensuring you're in control at all times.
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